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Many patients are dissatisfied with the appearance of their teeth due to yellowing or discoloration. White, bright smiles can help patients feel more confident and can improve the quality of their lives. Teeth whitening treatments can take years off the appearance of the smile and can rejuvenate the overall aesthetic of the patient’s face.

Oakton Dental Center provides comprehensive cosmetic dental treatment services that treat a range of cosmetic dental concerns. Dr. Ahrabi is a highly trained LVI cosmetic dentist. With a natural eye for facial esthetics and years of experience, Dr. Ahbrabi provides patients with natural results that can enhance their appearance and confidence.

Causes of Discolored Teeth

Many factors cause tooth discoloration. Treatment to whiten teeth will vary depending on the cause and severity of the tooth discoloration. Dr. Ahrabi offers a range of cosmetic dental treatments that help patients whiten and brighten their smiles for a more aesthetic appearance.

  • Enamel Erosion: As patient age, the enamel, or the protective outer shell, on the teeth wears away. As enamel wears away dentin, the next layer of tooth material becomes exposed. Dentin is yellow in nature and can cause the teeth to have a yellowish tint. Many patients feel that their yellow teeth look dirty, or aged and seek either take home or in office teeth whitening options to improve the aesthetics of their smile.
  • Trauma: Trauma to the tooth can cause dark black or brown spots to appear on the surface of the tooth. Often difficult to whiten using traditional whitening methods, dental veneers, tooth bonding or Lumineers may be a more effective option for whitening these spots.
  • Medication: Tetracycline and other antibiotic medications have been known to create dark discoloration spots on the surface of the teeth. These spots, like trauma-related spots, can be difficult to remove with at home or in office whitening gels. Our Oakton, VA dentist office offers alternative cosmetic treatments that can cover the discoloration for a natural and beautiful bright, white smile.
  • Over Fluoridation:
    When teeth are over exposed to fluoride during development, bright white spots may form on the surface of the teeth. Cosmetic dental whitening treatments can even out the color of the tooth, covering the white spots for a more natural looking smile.

Areas We Serve

Teeth whitening is a safe, effective and quick way to give your smile a boost. If you have discolored or yellow teeth, contact Oakton, VA dentist office or schedule a consultation online. We welcome new and returning patients of all ages. We proudly serve patients in Oakton, Vienna, McLean, Merrifield, Fairfax and all surrounding communities. Led by Dr. Ahrabi, our team has built a dental care practice that is patient-focused, welcoming and family oriented. We provide modern, comprehensive and personalized family and cosmetic dental care. Through patient education, we encourage honest communication and build positive, life long patient-dentist relationships.