Does Dr. Ahrabi accept new patients?

Yes, our Oakton dentist office accepts new patients and families from Oakton, Vienna, Tysons Corner, McLean and many local communities. Contact our office at your earliest convenience to make an appointment.

Do you accept dental insurance?

Oakton Dental Center will file most dental insurance claims for you at the time of your visit. Please bring your insurance plan information with you on your first visit. We will work with you to ensure that you receive the maximum benefits to which you are entitled. If you have specific questions about your insurance policy or benefits, please call us so that we can assist you.

Do you place dental implants?

Yes, Dr. Ahrabi has advanced training in implant dentistry, offering full services for dental implants in Oakton, VA. To learn more about how an implant can solve your dental problem, schedule a consultation with Dr. Ahrabi.

Do you offer dental sedation?

For patients who experience dental anxiety, Oakton Dental Center is a Nu-Calm provider. Nu-Calm is a revolutionary method of helping you feel completely relaxed and stress free- without the use of medication. To learn more about this, contact us or schedule a consultation. Nu-Calm has helped many of our patients achieve the smile they desire without feeling anxious or stressed during their procedure.