Mouthguards An Overview

Remember, teeth can not grow back. Protect yours with a custom fit sports mouthguard.

Mouthguards are an easy way to protect your whole family’s teeth and gums from damage or loss during sports. Custom fit mouthguards are ideal for athletes of all ages.

Custom mouthguards offer superior protection and comfort in comparison to over the counter options. Some studies show that mouthguards can even help athletes perform better than when wearing a “bite-and-fit” mouthguard from the store. Custom mouthguards fit better and have less chance of dislodging during play so that athletes can focus on the game, not on their mouthguards. Custom mouthguards allow patients to drink while wearing the device. There is less chance of misplacing the mouthguard during practice.

Oakton Dental Center is a family focused dental practice in the Fairfax, VA area providing comprehensive family dentistry for patients of all ages. We offer experience and services tailored for all of the different stages of oral development.

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Mouthguards What to Expect

Getting fit with a custom mouthguard is a quick, comfortable and easy procedure. Dr. Ahrabi takes a mold of your mouth. Dr. Ahrabi will send the impressions to a dental lab for fabrication. Once fabricated, the mouthguard will be ready for pick up at our Oakton, VA dentist office.

Sports related injuries are one of the top causes of tooth loss. A mouthguard is a straightforward and affordable alternative to needing dental implants to replace missing teeth. You, and your children, only have one set of adult teeth. Protecting them with a mouthguard while playing sports can help safeguard the health of the teeth, gums, and jaw.

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