Root Canal An Overview

For treating advanced tooth decay that has spread to the inner pulp of the tooth, root canals are a preferred dental treatment. It is always Dr. Ahrabi’s goal to preserve the integrity and function of the natural smile. Root canals allow Dr. Ahrabi to remove diseased tissue and repair the damaged tooth with out the need for a tooth extraction and dental implant.

Root canals are a routine dental procedure, and many patients experience little to no discomfort. Once Dr. Ahrabi removes the diseased tissue, some patients enjoy relief from pain caused by the infection of the tooth pulp.

Sedation Dentistry

We offer NuCalm as a holistic alternative to traditional sedation dentistry techniques. NuCalm works through a combination of science and relaxation techniques allowing patients to feel calm and confident while receiving their root canal. Other sedation techniques may be available upon your request. Dr. Ahrabi will discuss all sedation dentistry options with patients before treatment. Your safety, comfort, and over all well being are our top priority.

Root Canal What to Expect

Typically completed in just one visit to our Oakton, ON dentist office, root canals are a routine dental procedure. Using a local anesthetic and relaxation techniques with NuCalm, patients typically enjoy an easy and comfortable root canal treatment process.

Dr. Ahrabi will create a tiny hole in the back of the infected tooth. Dr. Ahrabi will enter this hole with a special tool and scrape the diseased tissue out of the inner tooth. The tooth is then thoroughly cleaned and prepared for a filling.

Dr. Ahrabi will use a biocompatible material to fill the cleaned tooth. This material is designed to help stabilize the structure of the tooth and to prevent further decay.

Most patients who receive a root canal will be fitted with a dental crown. The crown will fit over the natural tooth to help secure the structure and function of the bite.

Dr. Abbas Ahrabi

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