“I got composite bonding done and I am so happy with the result.``

“I am a new patient and I am very impressed with Dr. Ahrabi!”
“I am happy with Dr. Ahrabi and team!”
“Excellent care from Dr. Ahrabi and team!”
“Dr. Ahrabi is an excellent dentist!”
“I was very scared, but not anymore!”
“I’ve been Dr. Ahrabi’s patient for 10 years!”
“Very happy, very grateful to have you guys.”
“I had a lot of work to be done and so far I am very satisfied.”
“Dr. Ahrabi and his team makes me very comfortable”
One of our Happy patients talks about Invisalign
“Dr. Ahrabi gave me my smile back after a motorcycle accident!”
“This was very painless, so that was very nice…”
“I like getting my teeth cleaned and something from the treasure box!”

``Oakton dental center is amazing! Dr Ahrabi is the best dentist around!``

Idalia R.

``This dentist is the best dentist my family has ever had. He treats his patients with care and really does care about your health and your teeth for the future and for now. My mom doesn't let any doctor touch her teeth because they're so sensitive but not when it comes to this doctor. She thinks he is great. I also can agree. He makes the experience of going to a dentist the best one. I had to use the restroom in the middle of a procedure and he was so nice and understanding. His dental assistant is so sweet as well. It is obvious that they're not there just to take your money but really give you the time and knowledge you need. I would recommend everyone to him. He is a great and trusting doctor.``

Roxanna H.

``I go to Dr. Ahrabi because he offers a lot of things I don't get at other dentists. Dr. Ahrabi seems to space his appointments a full hour apart, so I get around 45 minutes with him. He uses this extra time to educate me about my teeth (like if he finds a new chip on a tooth). He also takes the time to inspect my gums and surrounding glands, which I haven't experienced at other dentists. Finally, Dr. Ahrabi is a genuinely nice person. It makes me happy to be able to support his business by being a patient. I hope you give him a chance too!``

Valentina D.

``Very happy with this dental office. Dr. Ahrabi and staff are great. I have been to many dentists and he is the only one I trust fully. Easy to get appointments. Never had billing issues. A+ all around.``


``I can't speak highly enough of Dr. Ahrabi. I've gone to him every six months for my regular cleanings for about three years now. Dr. A is super-friendly, as is the rest of his staff. He explains everything he does and engages you in conversation. Just such a nice guy, and he always shares some great advice about keeping my mouth healthy.``

Joshua D.

``Dr. Ahrabi and his staff continue to provide professional, courteous, thorough, personal, and, believe it or not, downright enjoyable service. No need for ``sedation`` dentistry here. The environment (facility, background music, and people) provide all the relaxation anyone could want.``

Lou K.